Visual Perception & Logical Thinking

Introducing pupils to rich maths activities that involve perceptual reasoning through exploration and experimentation develop foundations of higher cognitive functions. These skills help children with rotating mental images, recognising and processing visual stimuli, analysing sequences, identifying pattern structures and patterns.

These resources are essential for every pupil. 



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Schubitrix Visual Perception

This activity encourages pupils to match puzzle pieces. It develops spatial and rotational skills and also trains the pupil’s visual perceptual skills.

Domino Elemento

A selection of tiles that uses perceptual and spatial skills. The learner must match the collection of shapes to the structure that has been produced. This enables the learner to establish the foundations of basic geometry and allows them to understand that shapes are made up of other shapes. Contents: 2 games consisting of 24 cards each.

Nikitin Pattern Cube (N1)

The pattern cubes activities will support the development of early geometry. This is an excellent game to strengthen the pupil’s spatial, perceptual and reasoning skills – a brilliant foundation for number development.