Times Tables

The skill of learning times-tables requires a range of skills from memory to recall. These essential skills are vital for developing mental maths ability and applying this to solve every day problems.

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Abaco Multiplication – Visual Times-tables

A brilliant self-learning board that helps pupils visualise, practice, remember and recall their times-tables using the Super Roll. Patterns jump out and pupils can test each other’s times tables knowledge with the assurance that the answer can be discovered under the sliding Super Roll. Once the times-table knowledge is secure, you may want to look at and request a 14 day trial of the online programme that contextualises times-tables ready for a classroom test.

Abaco Spiele 1x1

A collection of number games that can turn the Abaco Multiplication into a game board. These fun and engaging games consolidate times tables up to 10 ensuring the recall of multiplication facts. Contents: 42 number cards, 6 joker cards, 1 dice, 26 playing pieces.

Shubitrix Multiplication up to 100

A collection of 24 triangular-shaped dominoes that are laid down in a way that the problem on one domino matches the solution on another. An extremely useful tool in assessing a learner’s mental arithmetic and basic understanding of times-tables. Contents: 2 games and 24 dominoes.