Place Value

A pupil's number sense starts with understanding what numbers represent, their unique positions, locations and its value.


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Abaco 100 with numbers - Red & Blue

Abaco 100 gives meaning to numbers, number value and their sequence. Pupils are able to actively engage their visio-spatial skills to identify numbers within a grid of 100 - a brilliant way to build visual memory skills whilst comparing, sequencing and solving problems. Single digit and double digit addition and subtraction now becomes easy to visualise.

Abaco Spiele 100

A collection of simple number games that turn the Abaco 100 with numbers - Red & Blue into a board game. A learner can roll the dice, challenge each other. A useful tool to increasing a learner’s confidence in using numbers up to 100. Contents: 100 number cards, 6 joker cards, 2 dice and 30 playing pieces.

Base Ten Dienes Blocks

Plastic blocks that provide a physical representation of the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands and allow learners to visualise numbers in terms of what they are made up of. Pack (131pcs) consists of 100 units blocks, 20 tens rods, 10 hundred squares and 1 thousand cube.